We are The Official Elvis Fan Club in Las Vegas ! Our Club is dedicated to the music and memory of Elvis AAron Presley  the one and only undisputed King of Rock and Roll !
If you are a fan of Elvis, we would like to invite you to join our club! It doesn't matter where you live, when ever you come to Vegas you will have some friends to greet you, but unless you like to have fun, please don't join as we don't want drama and we like to have fun !
About the King !

Elvis was not only a great performer but he was also a great humanitarian ! When Elvis went to Hawaii to make the film ' Blue Hawaii ' he went to the site of the  USS Arizona Naval Ship that had sank in World War II and found there was no marker. Elvis built a Memorial for that site that is viewed by the people from around the world today, so they can pay Tribute to the Veterans aboard that ship that gave their live's in battle !
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About Our Club

We invite all Fans of Elvis to join and participate in our club activities, which include monthly parties at different locations around the city of Las Vegas. We have pot luck so we always have a lot of food and drinks and we have our ETA's and other Tribute Artist to provide music and entertainment.

Sometimes we get tickets to shows in and around Las Vegas, so there's usually something to do. We also plan trips to Memphis and Elvis Cruises and members who wish to go can get discounted rates..

We hold an Annual Charity Event in November every year for Children's, or a local Charity of worthy causes. We raise funds through these events for our chosen Charity ..
We have Elvis Celebrities and entertainers at these events, people who worked with Elvis in film or during his concert performances.

Just remember, we like to have Fun! Unless you like having fun, please don't join our  club!

Elvis Parties
John Pitino co-stared with Elvis in the film Charro. We gave him a party for his 74th B-Day. The photo on the cake is John and Elvis in their film scene .John passed 2 years after this photo was taken. We miss you John....ken.
Charity Events
2015 Anual Childrens Benifit ' Kissin Cousins '  Staring Cynthia Pepper ' Elvis Co -Star in the movie ' Dates  Nov 6th,7th,&8th at GoldStrike Casino in Jean NV. only 15 minutes from Las Vegas. Call GoldStrike for Room Reservations ..Get Tickets Here ! ..
See prices here..
     Kissin Cousins Charity Event
         3 Day Pass $50.00
        1 Day Pass $35.00
Nancy Walker Elvis Co- Star in ' Blue Hawaii  ' with ETA Barry Stephen...
We gave Nancy a ' Blue Hawaii Party ' and she passed away a year later from  Cancer. You are loved and missed Nancy...
Contact .Judyrelv77@aol.Com
Elvis & John Movie Scene
If you would not care to join but just wish to make a Donation, we Thank You for that !
Join Today !!